A.I. enabled Chatbots for
Hotels and Restaurants

Direct engagement is the key to long term loyalty.
We help you go past the intermediaries to forge meaningful relations with your customers.
HeyMojo's text and voice technologies are designed to increase revenues and improve customer experience.


Automated chat solutions for the Websites, Facebook Messenger and voice controlled devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Automated Chats

Automated Chats

For Websites, Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is driving your cars, preventing bank frauds & diagnosing cancers. Now it can talk to your guests too!

No App download

No App download

With over 2m apps your customers don’t need another! Chatbots are sticky yet non-intrusive.



Just like your guests our chatbots can understand & respond in multiple languages too.

24x7 Availability

24x7 Availability

Active engagements foster better relations. Our Chatbots keep customers engaged round the clock.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

HeyMojo chatbots remember relevant user details to keep evolving so that you can personalize experiences.


Customers love that Nitro Café’s Facebook Chatbot is intuitive and conveniently accessible through the Messenger mobile app. It enables me to have a one-to-one chat with any of them. Now I let them know about my schedule in advance and they order ahead of time. With the Chatbot I have a way to keep them engaged!
Tyler Nguyen

Tyler Nguyen

Owner, Nitro Café, Los Angeles
InnerChef believes in pushing the boundaries, be it with our food quality or the technology. An engaged customer is a delighted customer. HeyMojo's Facebook chatbot technology enabled us reach out to more hungry souls. The built-in sharing features helped to further reduce the CAC and drive-up the engagement.
Rajesh Sawhney

Rajesh Sawhney

Founder, InnerChef, India
We launched HeyMojo chatbot at 3 hotels in Gurgaon. We linked the website Chatwidget with the channel manager which has resulted in increased conversions. With the Messenger Chatbot we have seen that guests like to check-in in advance and notify us of any needs. Recently the chatbot was extended to room service too.
Meher Patel

Meher Patel

MD, Stately Suites Hotels, Gurgaon


HeyMojo is envisioning hospitality marketing and customer engagement through the medium of automated text and voice chat. We apply Artificial Intelligence to collect meaningful data that improves your understanding of customer behaviour and preferences. Our products and solutions are designed to cut-out the intermediaries and enable direct customer engagement.


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