Multi-channel Chatbots
for Direct Guest Engagement and Revenues

Guest demographics are changing and so are the expectations. Tech savvy guests look forward to personalised experiences and on-demand services. Their preferred way to connect with the world is through SMS, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Slack. Other mobile apps are increasingly taking a back seat.

Hotel bookings made through OTAs continue to come at a cost, both literally and figuratively. On the other-hand AirBnB has altered guest expectations on a fundamental level. In the backdrop of rising labour and marketing costs, hotels are now being forced to innovate with speed and agility.

Experienced hoteliers know that engaging guests directly has its benefits ranging from personalisation to driving loyalty, positive reviews and ultimately more profitable bookings. Agile technologies, such as Chatbots, are significantly effective at reducing friction, improving guest experience and convenience.

An end-to-end guest experience management platform

Booking & Pre-stay

Help guests begin to personalise their stay before they arrive. Build actionable guest profiles from the beginning of their journey.

In Stay

Engage your guests with Amazon Alexa and Facebook chatbots to identify and create moments for upgrades, up sells, service requests, and more.

Post Stay

Through effective selling, boost your reputation and drive more stays and more brand advocates, creating higher demand.

Key features

FAQ Automation

AI handles frequently asked customer queries. Intelligence builds over time to free up your time.


Supports all popular global languages. Guests can choose to interact in a language of their choice.

Online Check-in/out

Simplify check-in and check-out process for your guests. Avoid those long queues at the front desk.


Single chatbot to take care of all properties belonging to a brand.

Welcome pre-arrivals

Reach out to guests prior to arrival. Share information. Help them with their queries and concerns.

Up-sells & Promotions

Suggest room up sells and hotel offers when guests are most like to purchase.

Request Management

Convenient for in-house guests to order

Feedback & Reviews

Be pro-active and resolve issues before they arise.

Booking & Pre-stay

Help your guests discover the information quickly.

Website. Facebook Page. Messenger Mobile app.

In stay

Provide an easy way for yorut guests to stay connected with the hotel. Let them communicate with the hotel staff with either voice (Amazon Alexa) or text (Facebook Messenger)

Post Stay

Reach-out to your guests for their feedback. Keep a communication line open. Provide bring back offers or coupons that they can share with friends.

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