Why Restaurants and Cafes need Mobile Apps  – Or Do They?

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You don’t need to look any further away than your own mobile phone to see which apps survive your hankering to uninstall. Hit by app-fatigue, sooner than later you send the space-hogging and low-value apps to the bin. This is true for a majority of the restaurant apps too, while the aggregator apps — the Goliath’s of the food ordering world — get unfettered attention and mobile space.

I have come across many restaurateurs who plunged into App Store and Google Play store with their elegant apps. Despite spending considerable development and marketing budgets with all the strategies at disposal their apps don’t make the cut. Over the time they painfully see the downloads tapering and the usage plateauing out. Simply put, in addition to the sizeable hole in the Balance Sheet, it’s a big opportunity lost to engage the customers, expose them to the brand and multitude of features that shepherd towards loyalty, re-ordering, coupons, warts and all.


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